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  • Sanja: I want to find a colleague Basil Onyskiva. Chief Seeks physical training and sports of the 25th Air Commando Brigade Dnipropetrovsk Kostjukov Alexander. Tell me, please, how you can contact them
  • NIKITA: Guys! tell who knows what about Borza (Trans-Baikal Territory)
  • kuchugryzlov: Tell us about the chief conductor of the Yekaterinburg Division MVD Constantine Petrachkova :?:
  • cat777: Hello, now retired. 26 years of service, position concertmaster of the orchestra, musical images of Contents is, spetsialnos be in the diploma - gu I work actor military orchestra.
  • Boris Turchinsky: "Link"
  • admin: Added a new section "Poems" in the Main menu.
  • sevastopol militar: III Sevastopol festival of military orchestras III Sevastopol Military Tattoo Military orchestra WORLD BEST IN SEVASTOPOL! Parade of military bands through the streets, show trumpeters and drummers on the embankments and squares, concerts of classical and jazz music in the open air,
  • PelotLi: Rewriting the notes in the note editor "Sibelius", looking for work.
  • PelotLi: When will add salary civilian orchestras? You can not live on the 8000r.
  • admin: Now in your profile an opportunity to upload avatars from your computer!
  • admin: How do you like the new site design? : Cool:
  • admin: In the server appeared page "How to download from the site?"
  • admin: open a large forum Military Conductors! Join now!
  • admin: There are photos Spassky Tower 2011!
  • admin: Comrades conductors who participated in the 2011 parade in Moscow! Does anyone have Khalilov Order by which all categories of musicians pay travel rate of 300 rubles / day?
  • admin: The FAQ section is divided into beginner and advanced! : Roll:
  • admin: Participate in the selection of candidates for military conductors of different times in Persons Section!
  • admin: Refresh picture Parade 2011! : D
  • admin: all happy spring holidays! Prior to May 9, 2011 access to all the commu-you social networking Military Conductors will be open for registration! Invite your friends and acquaintances to the fascinating world of military music!
  • admin: There are photos Parade 2011 Moscow! : D
  • admin: All sections updated Videos!
  • admin: Added Video CIS Military bands!
  • admin: Updated Video Parades!
  • admin: Updated Video site into different groups! : Cool:
  • admin: Updated Video Works Valery Khalilov!
  • admin: Added video Dixi Brothers Band!
  • admin: In the video section appeared Vifes (show quintet)! :-|
  • admin: In Library appeared Songs!
  • admin: Updated Audio section. There record Valery Khalilov! : -?
  • admin: Added photos to the "photo. Magic Moments." Happy viewing! : D

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Trumpet and Orchestra

J. Bara - Andante and Scherzo for Trumpet and Orchestra, Military Orchestra Service of the Ministry of Defense, Moscow, 1983 (pdf) ifolder


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